The Power of Arkworld’s Products

Hello again to all our followers!

We’re getting a lot of e-mails asking how we get such great results with our products so i thought my latest page should detail at least some of the basic points that make our range so potent and effective.

I’ll start with our Ark 1 L’Arginine Pink Drink, this is actually just half of the product. The drink is actually one half and the Ark 2 Multi-Vitamin is the second half, we call them the ‘Micro 2 Pack’ when they’re sold together. The Ark 2 Multi-Vitamin stimulates the villi in the intestine to boost absorption of nutrients and makes all our products collectively more efficient.

A good analogy is that the Pink Drink is the Ferrari and the Multi-Vitamins are the fuel for the Ferrari. They’re both incredibly useful on their own but combined, they’re something really special and should be tried!




So heres the clever part….separating out 1 large product into 2 smaller and more potent ones makes them more efficient in the body. Getting the ingredients into a formulation in the correct measure is also key. One of the greatest mistakes in formulating comes when a product is loaded with fillers or has too much of one ingredient, most of the product is not absorbed and becomes wasted. We’re glad to say our products are well balanced and provide the correct nutritional support with the ingredients chosen. No chemicals, stimulants, artificial sweeteners or fillers can be found in our products.

So how does our product range work? Well the L’Arginine drink is actually formulated to trick the stomach into thinking it’s already digested and then it’s flushed through to the intestine. No wasted product! Apart from a small amount lost in assimilation about 98% of the drink will be absorbed making it incredible value for money but more importantly it will hydrate you fast. This potency allows this drink to be everywhere in the body in 20 minutes and it will work in every system of the body. With the Ark 2 Multi-Vitamins developing energy at the cellular level and boosting the effectiveness of the pink drink which is also boosting the oxygen level of the blood stream and cleaning up your system with a powerful detox effect, you have the most awesome nutritional support available on the market today.

Now if that wasn’t enough….we still have the Ark 3 X-Cell Alkalising Supplement! If we add in this incredible formulation of Kre-Alkalyn & Kre-Celazine we have a powerful alkalising supplement that will reduce inflammation in our system as well. There are so many symptoms, particularly in Lupus but also in everyday conditions that we suffer that are caused by Inflammation. If we correct the bloods PH level to it’s correct natural level our body can heal itself much faster and with this supplement also providing a highly efficient natural pain relief, we can overcome all the basic ailments in our everyday life.

If we want to take this a step further using all 3 of our products which together we call our ‘Multipack’, we can not only correct these symptoms early on but also maintain the body so that they don’t return.






For example, with arthritis we need to lubricate the joint (Ark 1), feed the body the right amount of vitamins & minerals (Ark 2) and make sure we specifically have glucosamine & chondroitin (Ark 3 to maintain the joints while the special formulation of Kre-Alkalyn/Celazine reduces inflammation and removes any pain naturally.

Whether you are an athlete or just requiring everyday nutritional support the Arkworld range will make you feel great and give you the energy to overcome every challenge in your life.

You can purchase your products here

For your security we use Paypal to take payment.

Please ask us any questions and we will endeavour to find the answers you need.


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