Sebastian Iwaniak ‘LF Sponsored Open Class Strongman’

Hey everyone

Thanks for your continued interest and support.
This page is to allow you to follow the progress of Sebastian Iwaniak in Open class strongman competitions. In the future you may also see Sebastian competing in Polish Strongman competitions as well, so watch this space!

2nd place U105kg  Lancaster 2012

2nd place U105kg Lancaster 2012

Body weight-125kg Log -145kg Squat -310kg Deadlift-370kg Bench press(I am not training this,just close grip for triceps)-200kg
2nd midlands strongest man 2011

4th englands strongest man 2011

4th uks strongest man 2011

2nd cheshire strongest man 2011

5th Champion of champion (injured after dropping log[130kg] on my  shin) 2012

2nd midlands strongest man 2012

3rd englands strongest man 2012

1st body power (open class)2012

2nd britains strongest man 2012

2nd swindon strongest man (open) 2012



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