Kelvin Gardner ‘LF Sponsored Open Class Strongman’

Hey everyone

Just adding a new page that allows you to keep up with the training regime and competition progress of our sponsored athlete Kelvin Gardner who competes in the UK Open Class strongman competitions.

Kelvin Gardner shouldering an atlas stone

Kelvin Gardner shouldering an atlas stone

Uksm southern qual – 8th
Britain most powerful -12th
Team Comp – 5th
Uksm southern qual – 4th
England final – 14th
Team Comp – pulled out with torn bicep
Bodypower – 10th
Help4Heros – 5th
Chase charity – 2nd (pulled out with torn bicep)
2011: Wales Strongest Man – 8th

2012: Celtic carnage – 8th

Euro qual – 6th

Wales Strongest Man – 2nd

UK final – 9th

Arnolds qual – 11th (pulled out with partial torn bicep)

PB’s (all raw) Sq: 305kg Bench: 2x205kg DL: 340kg Oh: 160kg Career aim: an international comp. Aiming at improving on 2012 results.

Planned comps in 2013 (so far):- Welsh BSM/Euro qual – March Wales Strongest Man: June

Keep checking back for updates to this page! πŸ™‚


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