All those conditions effect different parts of the body, yet still have something very SERIOUS in common  INFLAMMATION!! Each year scientists find more and more conditions that inflammation is thought to play a key role in. A lot of diseases that are occurring today, which are attributed to old age, are actually caused by this process!
Inflammation is our body’s first reaction to infection. When a person gets a cut, for instance-which damages the tissue-those dreaded invaders (bacteria) enter the body, and the immune system kicks in immediately. This defence mode sends out many different types of specialised immune cells. Each cell has a different job. Mast cells release histidine & cytokines, which alert your body of the damage. Hystidine’s main job is to increase blood flow to this damaged area which is what cause the redness & swelling. Cells found in the connective tissue & epidermis of the skin, called macrophages ( commonly known as large eating cells ), then enter into area. Macrophages job is to secrete immune messenger that destroys the bacteria, cleaning up the damaged area. The final process is for the cavalry of immune cells to enter the infected area to help with the battle, followed by more cells which begin the healing process. During this healing process the area will become red, hot, swollen, and usually very painful. What causes this: redness – increased blood flow, hotness – the battle taking place to kill the bacteria in the area, swollen – excess fluid and cells at the site, pain – indicator of inflammation. Common cause of inflammation that people experience, where the skin becomes hot to touch, swollen and painful include sunburn, a twisted ankle, or an insect bite.
Remember, inflammation is our body’s way of notifying as that there is damage and most importantly, the way defence system keep invaders from entering our body and causing serious injury. Keep in mind that if this inflammation becomes chronic or low grade, our immune cells stay active which can cause serious damage to good tissue. If this chronic inflammation is left unresolved, it will create other diseases – leading to a very painful damaging inflamed state – attacking the joints, organs or arteries.
What causes inflammation?
As discussed previously, inflammation is an effective method of ensuring that invaders do not enter our bodies and create problem. Invaders can enter through such things as a cut or sunburn. But outward origins like: stress, parasites, viruses, bacteria, environmental poisons, sugar, overeating (obesity), smoking and high insulin are just a few other causes of inflammation. There is also variety of foods that can promote inflammation. Foods that are high in Arachidonic Acid: like eggs, beef, dairy products, organ meats (liver, heart and giblets), are great inflammation promoters. The body has a complicated process that breaks down this arachidonic acid into inflammatory agents, including Prostagladin & Leukotriens (hormones) which control the mechanism of inflammation by constricting blood vessels and promoting blood clots. Foods that are overcooked of fried at high temperatures also incite the inflammatory response. This response is due to AGES (Advanced Glycation End Products), which the body sometimes treats as an invader. These AGES are produced when protein is bonded to glucose molecule, and are very difficult for the body to break down. As the body attempts to do so, immune cells secrete large amounts of inflammatory Cytokines, which act in the same way they would against an infection. A lot of the diseases occurring today which are attributed to old age, are actually caused by this process. Depending on where the AGES occur, arthritis, cataracts, memory loss, heart disease, or wrinkled skin could result.
So as you can see, inflammation can be positive, preventing the spread of bacteria throughout the body; or negative, leading to AGES and possibly arthritis, caused by actions like over-cooking your food.
Did you know, that inflammation is thought to be the culprit behind visible signs of ageing? Inflammation is a wellness buzz-word these days, and for a good reason. If you reduce / heal inflammation in your body, you’ll not only look and feel better, but you significantly lower your risk for chronic disease.
Conventional treatments  for inflammation
Research in under way to develop different types of drugs that could actually inhibit the inflammatory process. But as with any drug, there comes variety of unwanted side effects etc. The pharmaceutical industry has many different types of drugs that merely mask the symptoms or decrease the pain for a short period of time. Of course, taking painkillers to relieve the pain is an option, but this is simply masking and not preventing of curing the problem. The main goal of the pharmaceutical industry thus far has been to develop drugs which control pain. More pain medications are purchased for arthritis than any other disorder.
These NSAIDS (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) do come with a price, however. When taken in higher doses they cause liver damage / kidney failure. With side effects such as gastrointestinal complications (bleeding, nausea & vomiting) liver damage, stomach ulcers, immune system depression, mental confusion & finally, kidney failure. Some of the most famous advertised arthritic drugs have more side effects than letters in the Greek alphabet. This is just what we need …. to mask the pain and come up with 10 other ailments that are side effects to these dangerous drugs.
Natural remedies
There are many natural remedies …some are just okay and most are a waste of money! Glucosamine products have been shown to provide some relief, but this compound must be taken in high dosages.

Our product X-Cell ( Purple Pill ) is pharmaceutically graded, organic, vegetarian – with extensive in-house testing and clinical trials done on the main ingredient Kre-Celazine(R)



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