Elite Cyclist Testimonial

“The 2012 cycling season has been one of extremes for me. I trained really hard in the period leading up to the racing season, but despite my very good physical shape at the start of the racing season I didn’t get any results that were even close to good. As this got into my head, I started to break down mentally as well as physically and at the end of March I ended up at probably the lowest point I have ever been in my cycling career. But from that moment on, the only way has been up and from May on I have been better than I have ever been and I kept improving until the end of the season”

“Looking at the amount of progress I made, it is obvious that it is not possible that only one factor caused this. The most important factor has probably been the support I got from my team. The coaches have helped me through the times I was not doing well, and allowed me to learn a lot from them which made me a better cyclist”

Tom Gakes

“The incredible amount of training I put in has obviously also contributed to my progression, because I got a lot stronger because of this. But I have to say I trained really hard in the winter, but not as hard during the racing season. The physical progress I have made since May has mainly been because that’s when Lifestyle Focus started sponsoring me with their Arkworld products”

“When Kevin Daines, leader of Lifestyle Focus, first contacted me about the Arkworld products, already in February, I was skeptical. My first concern was whether I could be sure they were doping free. Kevin managed to convince me the products were safe with a statement regarding the very strict testing every batch of Arkworld products goes through before the products reach the customers”

“My second concern was whether it would help, or hurt my performance. I decided to give the Arkworld products a try, and I didn’t regret that decision for a moment. As soon as I received my first set of products I got on the bike to test what 1 scoop of Ark 1 would do. I noticed I was quite a bit stronger and a lot more focused during my ride, and even though I didn’t quite eat enough before and nothing during my ride I didn’t get the famous hunger knock or even a feeling of hunger. This really surprised me, so I was confident to start using the products on a regular basis”

“I started using one pill of Ark 2 with breakfast, and one pill of Ark 2 and 2 pills of Ark 3 with dinner every day. I noticed this increased my general health and my day to day recovery from workouts and other hard or stressful things like work”

“Before and during races or hard training rides I started using Ark 1. I found out that for me it works best to drink a bottle of about 650 ml with 2 scoops of Ark 1 before a race, and drink small amounts during the races. During the races I have bottles of 500 ml with 1 scoop or 750 ml with 2 scoops, and the amount I drink depends on the conditions and on how the race evolves, but usually I try to drink every 10 to 15 minutes to a total of about 1 litre every hour. By doing this, I keep a constant high level of L-arginine to benefit maximally from the effects of Ark 1. I feel I have a bit more power and can continue to ride at a high intensity a lot longer than would be able to without Ark 1. But probably even more important is that I manage to concentrate a lot better when I use Ark 1. Cycling is a very dangerous sport and you have to stay really focused to avoid crashes, but also to maintain a good position in the peloton which is crucial in races in Holland. I also notice I recover faster after exercise when I used Ark 1 before and during the exercise. When I think I need something extra to recover faster, like on back to back racing days, I take 2 or 4 pills of Ark 3 immediately after exercise. Ironically, I have never tried what 3 pills do”

“During the winter I do some training with weights as well, to increase the strength in my legs. I have good trainers working for my team to help me with this, but I also got some tips from the other Lifestyle Focus athletes who are more into weight lifting than I am. Before a session with the weights I use 2.5 scoops, and I take another 1.5 scoop when I am halfway through my 2 hour routine. This helps me to lift just that bit extra weight or get that extra rep I couldn’t have done without Ark 1. Immediately after my session I take 4 pills of Ark 3 because the weight lifting sessions are really hard and cause a much bigger muscle strain than cycling does”

“But I also benefit from Arkworld products during my study in Human Movement Sciences, because it helps me to stay focused a lot better. I had a period when I had to study so much I managed to sneak in 1 hour of training and 4 hours of sleep every day, and that was about all the time I got away from study for about 2 weeks. This was very hard, but I managed by drinking a lot of Ark 1. I needed that, also because I don’t drink coffee”

“I only started using Arkworld products in May, and have not been training as hard as I did during the winter since that time. Still I managed to improve quite a lot. As winter is starting again right now, this is the time to train hard again and this time supported by Lifestyle Focus with the Arkworld products. I expect I can take another big step towards becoming a very good cyclist by using the Arkworld products during a period of very hard training and then continue to use them during the next racing season, so I am very happy with the support I get from Kevin and Lifestyle Focus”

Tom Gakes

Elite cyclist HRTC


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