Arkworld Benefits for Injury Recovery

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Thanks for checking back, this new page is all about how Arkworld can help recovery from injury. The article featured is from our Elite Sponsored Cyclist Tom Gakes who recently suffered an injury but returned to training fast because of his Arkworld product use which allowed better blood flow to the injured muscle and consequently faster healing with Ark 3 Kre-Celazine.

Tom Gakes

“As an athlete who is performing at the limit of the potential of his body, it is inevitable to sustain injuries at some point in your career. Some injuries are more severe than others and some people are more sensitive to get injured than other people, but no top athlete will be able to prevent injuries during his entire career. I have always been relatively sensitive to getting injured. And although you can work on this to improve it, it is also something you just have to accept and deal with. So sometimes it is better for me to avoid the risk rather than try to improve the weak link. I know for example that I need to be really cautious and appropriately dressed in cold weather conditions, otherwise I could get inflammations on multiple tendons. And there are more things I know I should try to avoid to minimize the risk for injuries. But even if I do take all the precautions, I will always have some pains bothering me. Some of those are just temporarily because of overuse, a crash or just an unexpected move, but most of these small pains are always bothering me. These are just small pains in my back, knees, Achilles tendons, hands, knees, feet and some problems around the hips. These are just a few examples but the list of chronic pains goes on. Some people may read this and think I’m in a very bad condition, but for me this is just something I got used to and if I don’t pay attention I won’t even notice. And because I got so used to it, these pains won’t stop me from performing at my optimum level either. Still it would be more comfortable to get rid of these pains, or at least reduce them. Since I started using the Arkworld range, the pains are still there but they are significantly less severe”


“Apart from the chronic pains, I also have some more serious injuries sometimes. A couple of weeks ago I got a muscle tear in the M. Adductor Longus, a muscle on the inside of the upper leg that is used in pushing your leg inwards, as well as both forward and backward depending on the hip angle. When I went to the doctor, who I don’t see too often, for advice over this injury he told me to stay off my bike for 6 to 8 weeks. This would have been quite a problem for me as most of my main goals for the season would have been in this period. So I went to my physical therapist who knows me a lot better and I said to her I wanted to be back racing in 3 weeks. She looked at me for a moment, clearly doubting what to say and then answered to me that it would be hard but possible. This may seem a bit irresponsible for a physical therapist to say when the doctor tells me to stay off the bike for 6 to 8 weeks, but history has shown that my injury recovery is always pretty fast. For most injuries I can take about half of the time the doctors would tell me I need to recover and this would be a pretty accurate estimate. For muscle injuries I can sometimes recover even faster than this, as I did this time. In fact, I was back on the bike in 2 days and back racing only two and a half week after sustaining the injury. So how did I do this? A lot of this is naturally born talent to fast muscle healing and recovery, strengthened by a good physical shape due to training. But these factors are determined before sustaining the injury, so you can’t really change them at the time you are injured. Still I had to work hard to recover as fast as possible. The fact that I could get back on the bike after only 2 days was very important, as light exercise is usually the best way to increase muscle healing. And next to this light exercise, which was all I could do in the beginning, I also did some exercises aiming specially at recovery for this injury. These were mainly simple stretching exercises for the muscles around the injured muscle, and I did them 3 times per day. I still do them now after every workout. My therapist also did a massage on the injured leg on a regular basis to keep the other muscles in good condition and reduce the stress on the injured muscle. All these strategies also made my other ‘secret’ weapon, Arkworld Nutrition, in injury recovery much more effective as it increases the blood flow to the injured muscle allowing the extra Ark 1 and Ark 3 that I used on top of the standard use easy access to the site of the injury to help in muscle and tissue repair”

Tom Gakes

It’s worth noting the key aspects of the Arkworld range in this recovery. Ark 1 boosts the Nitric Oxide level in the body which in turn acts as a vaso-dilator to allow better blood flow to the injured area which then allows the repair to be done. Nitric Oxide is also a key factor in muscle tissue repair and also the Kre-Celazine in Ark3. Kre-Celazine not only repairs but also acts as an Anti-Inflammatory and natural painkiller. Using Ark 1 & Ark 3 together during periods of injury is the fastest way to heal.

Happy training!!!!!



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