Arkworld Anti-Cramping in Sports

Here we have an in depth look at the causes of cramping in sports. This article was produced by our Elite Cyclist Tom Gakes in the Netherlands. It allows you to understand the causes of cramping and how our team actually uses the Arkworld products to actively avoid it during competition. You can see from this testimonial of events that without the proper supplement support, athletes prone to cramping will develop cramping leading to a restriction of their performance. We’re lucky that we no longer have this issue thanks to our choosing Arkworld products as our sole nutrition supplement range for our team.
“Some riders have more problems with muscle cramps than others. For me, cramping has always been an issue. It usually starts at the inside of my upper legs, just above the knees. I have a small problem with my muscles there which causes my muscles to cramp sooner than for most people. A masseur can feel a hard spot on that location, but apart from that it is not something I notice. Even in very high intensity exercise, cramping is the only potential risk of this problem. External factors can increase the risk for cramping. This goes for everybody, and I’m no different in that. However, even in very mild conditions I can sometimes start cramping really fast”
“Cramping can have different causes. The first of 2 most common causes is a lack of energy, or ATP. ATP is the energy source for our body. It can be gained from processing protein into ATP, but this does not happen very often. Usually, ATP comes from either carbohydrates or fats, where fat gives you more ATP but carbohydrates are faster to produce the required ATP. In short, very high intensity exercise like sprinting, there are other very fast mechanisms that don’t depend on oxygen but can only deliver a limited amount of ATP. This ATP is used in all processes in the body that require energy. In muscles, force is produced by attaching cross bridges between actin and myosin proteins. To detach, rather than to attach these cross bridges requires energy, so ATP. So if you run out of ATP, you cannot relax your muscles anymore and you start cramping. This is usually the mechanism involved in cramping in cold weather conditions, combined with a lack of physical fitness. In warm weather conditions, however, it is usually a lack of minerals that is causing problems because you loose a lot of minerals when you sweat. The most important minerals for muscle contractions, so for the production of force, are calcium, sodium and potassium. Calcium flows out of the muscle to open sodium/potassium channels through which sodium flows in and potassium flows out of the muscle. This initiates the attachment of the cross bridges as mentioned above. To relax the muscle, you need magnesium to detach the cross bridges together with the ATP. Ironically, our food is full of calcium and sodium, but it is very hard to get in enough magnesium with your normal food”
Ark 1 Pink Drink

Ark 1 Pink Drink

“Ark 1 Pink Drink contains several minerals, but of the minerals required in muscle contraction it only contains a very small amount of sodium, less than 1% of the daily requirements of an average person. This is good because we usually get in enough of it anyway. But there is a lot of magnesium in Ark 1, because every serving contains 14% of your daily requirements. This is more than most sports drinks specially designed to refill your mineral stores. And Ark 2 also contains another 33% of your daily requirements of magnesium, so together these supplements help you to get a lot of the magnesium you need in order to avoid muscle cramping. And because Ark 1 and 2 also help to get more ATP to the muscles, it also seriously reduces your chances of muscle cramping”
To get your own Arkworld products please use this link:-
Ark 1 & 2 (Micro 2 Pack)

Ark 1 & 2 (Micro 2 Pack)

“For me, these products have proven very effective in the fight against muscle cramps. From the moment I started to use Arkworld products, I have hardly had any muscle cramps. There was one race where I ran out of my products a few days before and new products didn’t arrive in time for the race. I still managed to get in the lead group, but eventually had to let go because of the muscle cramping. In another race I only got water from the team car so I only had the 2 bottles of pink drink early in the race but nothing later on. This caused a bit of cramping, but as I had this before I have learned to ride on with these cramping muscles. It hurts and it doesn’t help your performance but you can ride through that pain and continue to deliver a lot of power to the pedals. On all other occasions, where I did have enough Ark 1, I managed to race without muscle cramping”
I hope you find our work useful in your own sporting endeavours!
Arkworld Elite Nutrition Stack

Arkworld Elite Nutrition Stack

One comment on “Arkworld Anti-Cramping in Sports
  1. lifestylefocus says:

    As we work mainly with Elite cyclists we cannot use chemical solutions to overcome natural problems, just in case they trigger a positive test result after a race.

    Instead we just use Arkworld products as they’ve been used through 2 Olympics and in countless tested sports over the last 7 years. We have complete confidence in these products as they currently have no equal in the supplement market.

    More importantly i think you’ve mis-understood the reason why we use the Ark products, they not only fend off cramps but their aid to recovery is truly massive and the ability of Ark 3 to speed heal injuries is un-paralelled in sports supplements.

    After using many supplement ranges over the years we settled on this range because both our Elite Cyclists and our strongmen/powerlifters have continously improved over time and have won consistently in that time as well.

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