Ark 1 ‘Pink Drink’ Sports Nutrition Supplement (L’Arginine, liquid Nutrition)

 Arkworld’s Ark 1 Pink Drink (L’Arginine, liquid nutrition)

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ARK1- the only arginine based product scientifically proven to produce significant endurance/performance gains !!
Maximum Athletic Performance
ARK1(TM) contains the ultimate growth-hormone release formulation, arginine, to help support muscle growth, fat metabolism and non stop energy!
Some of the most famous athletes in the world took part in the testing phase of arginine supplements, including Mr. Universe; Mr. Olympia; World Lifting Federation and Olympic athletes.
Professional athletes may use ARK1(TM) to help:
improve muscle tone
increase muscle-to-fat ratios
improve muscle coordination and bone density
increase energy levels
reduce recovery times
speed wound healing
as an alternative to steroids
Up to 98% absorbed – powerful and no waste
ARK1(TM) has unique formulation ensuring that in liquid form is up to 98% absorbed directly into the blood stream and into the cells within a matter of minutes. It does not have to worry about waiting until it arrives in your stomach where HCL (hydrochloric acid) must break it down and hope that it fully does before it enters your small intestine. According to the National Advisory Board, 100mg consumed in a tablet form translates into a minute stabilized 8.3mg concentration in the blood.
Proven to be safe
Arginine, the active ingredient in ARK1(TM), has been used safely in humans for over 30 years. Thousands of professional athletes, as well as non-athletes, have used arginine supplements with no adverse side effects. ARK1(TM) was formulated by doctors and is promoted by doctors and is manufactured in a FDA certified laboratory.
Accepted by the Olympic Committee
Athletes using arginine supplements have won Gold medals. Arginine supplements are used and promoted by famous world-class athletes who have used arginine supplements during their careers and in their competition events. ARK1(TM) is legal for use in Olympic games, IFBB world body building competitions, WPF power lifting events, fitness pageants, NFL events, NBA events, the Iron man competition and any other sports event.
Dietary supplement not drug
ARK1(TM) has non-drug status because it does not contain illegal or drug-status pharmaceutical HGH or ingredients which are harmful to humans. Natural peak growth (GH) levels occur 20min. after exercise and during delta sleep. ARK1(TM) accesses the dietary-induced HGH pathway in humans evidenced in hundreds of growth hormone clinical studies. The human body produces its own growth hormone naturally through the anterior pituitary gland making Trophic hormones, which activate endocrine system glands. Growth hormone is a Trophic hormone, and as such can be promoted by administration of natural Homeostatic HGH protocol.
Low glycemic
Research has shown that a high glycemic reaction in drink or food form attenuates (weakens) GH levels. A high fat drink or meal also reduces GH response by about 50% and so do MCT’s (Medium chain Triglycerides), an oil frequently used by athletes in place of fat.

Recent research published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, has revealed the dietary supplement ARK1(TM) improves high intensity exercise endurance by an amazing 20%!! An independent research at the University of Exeter found the supplement ARK1 to increase nitric oxide in the body, significantly boosting stamina / endurance levels during high-intensity exercise. The study has important implications for athletes, as results suggest that taking the supplement can allow people to exercise longer ( up to 20% ) and could produce a 1% – 2% improvement in race times.
ARK1 is being used by Premiership Football teams, elite cyclists, professional tennis players, triathletes and other endurance athletes. Professional athletes are using it because it delivers results, not because they are being paid to endorse it!!

Arginine derived Nitric Oxide that can be produced from Arginine and Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate found in Arkworld’s ARK1, is highly effective as a supplement for Athletes. The increased anabolic hormones such as Insulin and Human Growth Hormone produced from taking Arginine and A-AKG, not only increases training performance in athletes, but can help to increase blood flow, muscle mass, the post training healing process and recuperation along with endurance and performance increase, along with its anti – aging properties as well.

 As the sport and athletic world continue to find more advanced way to succeed to a greater extent and increase their overall performance and results, one thing is for sure; the revolutionary discoveries to date that are behind ARKWORLD’S PRODUCTS, make them an incredible addition to any athlete’s training program and a MUST to stay ahead of the competition.


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