We all know someone that suffers from it, most of them have struggled with the pain for some years with little or no relief.
All too common are the miracle cures and high st supplements of dubious ingredients, testing and quality but too few are the products that can really make a difference to the condition.

The old science of using fish oil to help alleviate joint pain has now been found to be somewhat incorrect. Although the fish oil will lubricate the joint and assist with the mobility of the joints, it’s also oxidising fat cells in the area causing inflammation to build up and give the usual discomfort. To stop this you would need another supplement such as Vitamin E to block the oxidising of the fat cells but where do you call a halt to the endless list of products you would need to correct the condition?

Perhaps with Glucosamine & Condroitin? Well yes, that’s a good start but they would need to be of the best quality. Glucosamine Gel for local use, again yes another good starting point but you would need a lot of Gel to get right into the joints where the work needs to be done.

So, you’re now thinking, what is the answer?

Ark 3 X-Cell

Ark 3 X-Cell

Well we have the answer here for you…’s called Ark 3 X-Cell, a.k.a ‘The Purple Pill’ to the therapists in our communities.
What does it do? It keeps the pH level of the blood at it’s correct alkaline level and keeps inflammation in all areas of the body to an absolute minimum. It also contains the high quality Glucosamine & Condroitin. The formulation is so advanced few could understand how it even works. With the Creatine inside being bonded to esterified fatty acids there’s no chance of fat cells being oxidised and thus prevents the repeated problem of inflammation in the joints and body areas of the person using the supplement. The combined formulation of Ark 3 X-Cell which is the alkalising Kre-Alkalyn and the healing Kre-Celazine it is quite simply a marvel in the supplement industry.

You can purchase your own product from this website, just click the link below:-


I am an Independent Distributor in the UK & U.S for Arkworld. I retail the most scientifically advanced micro nutrition range available.I work closely with professional and amateur sports people and athletes alike. If you are interested in learning more about improving your sports/training performance and endurance, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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