Mark Jeanes 2nd in the 4 Nations Strongman Competition 2015

Below is Mark’s write up for his events in the 4 nations competition……

Hummer Deadlift

Hummer Deadlift

“Going into the comp I was very nervous as some of the other competitors i’ve watched and followed for years, and to compete against these guys was a dream of mine. This is the heaviest comp i’ve done to date but loved every minute of it. If anyone gets the chance to do it make sure you do, you won’t be disappointed Chris and Dave put on an excellent show and look after the competitor’s really well.
Event 1 Rolling Thunder
I’ve been working on grip for a while…i’d worked up to 105kg in training pretty comfortably but it was harder on the day, opening lift was 60kg I think and I managed 97.5kg for the win.

Event 2 Max Hummer 320kg start
The warm up went well and 320kg went up easy, next 350kg very comfortable, next was 380kg it felt pretty good then 400kg. In training 400kg has been going up ok but not this one so I went out with 380kg joint 3rd place.

Event 3 Yoke 520kg
I was hoping to do well in this one as I’d been hitting it hard in training. The pick up was spot on and the position was good. When the whistle went I completed the event in 8 seconds. 2nd event win, happy was an understatement!!!

Event 4 Log start at 130kg
In the warm up it was not the nicest of logs, really hard to clean and this was my weakest event. 130kg went up easy then, 140kg easy, 150kg didn’t come off my lap everyone had problems cleaning it but I managed 3rd I think.

Frame Carry

Frame Carry

Event 5 Frame Carry 450kg
Shame as I’d put some good graft into this but not enough, the pick up was easy but stumbled a metre before the line, I managed to get it going again but cost me as I was 4th in this one.



Event 6 Stones 180kg for reps

I wanted to beat my 4 reps from last year going out 2nd to last I knew what number I needed to get to get myself 3rd position. It just clicked and I got 6 reps and the event win.

Looking back on how I did there’s a lot of things I need to work on and I will. I came second overall and I’m ecstatic!!!!

Mark Jeanes

Mark Jeanes

Congratulations to Chris Gearing for the win and Brian Irwin on coming 3rd . Glad I done the competition and made some new friends on the way, I look forward to competing again against these monsters.

As always I used the Arkworld Multipack of products for my training and competition. They really make a difference when you compete.

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Thanks to everyone who wished me luck and everyone that helped me…….”

Mark Jeanes


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