Mark Jeanes Britain’s Natural Strongest Man (Open Class)

BNSF write up going into this comp I had next to no training as my main focus this year was getting to the UK’s and holding my own as BNSF final was 2 week after the UK’s I had to just hope to do well, I had my money on Aaron Page for the win and Ben Badger Brunning for second

A great win to close out the season!

A great win to close out the season!

Event 1:- Log

I was confident that 150kg would go as I hit it comfy before but it was just not to be. 140kg was what i could manage and came  joint 2nd.

Event 2:- Tyler flip into finger

These have always been a good event for me and as I was 2nd out on this, I had to put a good performance on to get good points and I managed to get the win, 1st!!!

Event 3:- Conans Wheel

I haven’t touched a Conans wheel in a long time.
So this was the unknown for me but as I was last out I knew the target I had to chase, I just fell short of 2nd and got 3rd

Event 4:- Deadlift Medley

I was hoping to do good on this as I enjoy training on an axle was undecided to use straps or just go for it but thinking back I think I made the right decision I was 0.06 of a second behind 1st so was pleased to come 2nd,

Event 5:- Sled Pull & Drag

I thought this was going to be a lot tougher but it just clicked for me. The pull was good and the drag even better for my 2nd.

Event 6:- Stone for reps over yoke

Mark Jeanes

Mark Jeanes

There was a lot of pressure going into this as I needed to beat Aaron to get me the win and vice versa. Arron and I had a good bit of banter for this so the fire was burning for this one. I just focused on my lifts, the first couple went up ok and after the 3rd the tacky was dead, the stone was crumbling in my hands, you could tell I was panicking but I ploughed on. The last rep was a killer and I got it, I had nothing left. I looked over and Asron was nearly over the bar and it went down I couldn’t believe it, I won! 1st!!!!

It was a tough day throughout and the support of my family and friends were the main reasons I did it and so glad I did, well done to all that competed and everyone who helped out with the comp to make it as good as it was. A big well done to Simon Thomas and Adam ‘Outspan’ Hales for making the comp a successful one good venue good kit and everything run well.

A big thankyou goes out to my Sponsor Kevin at Lifestyle Focus, he was with me at the Welsh comp and has supported me throughout this season, being part of the team has enabled me to push to a new level. Without the Arkworld products that he has provided me with, i couldn’t of pushed as hard in competition and i wouldn’t of developed so fast in training. With my quality performances in the two big team events and my solid 2nd at Wales Strongest, finishing the season as Britain’s Natural Strongest Man has made me very proud.

You can get the Arkworld products and request any information you need from Kevin on this e-mail address. or directly via

The secret to success!

The secret to success!

A happy partner!

A happy partner!








Keep lifting heavy!


Mark Jeanes


I am an Independent Distributor in the UK & U.S for Arkworld. I retail the most scientifically advanced micro nutrition range available.I work closely with professional and amateur sports people and athletes alike. If you are interested in learning more about improving your sports/training performance and endurance, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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