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Lifestyle Focus Anti-Doping statement

Hey everyone As we’ve just posted a wonderful inside look at pro cycling from the viewpoint of our sponsored clean cyclist, we thought it would be a good opportunity to also make our own position clear on doping in pro sports. “As

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Anti-Doping statement

Please take time to read this wonderful statement on the ongoing problem with doping in our sports. This statement from Tom Gakes is a detailed look inside the world of cycling and exposes just how easy it is for people

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Income Booster

If you’ve got too much month at the end of the money then you need some financial assistance……you need to find that key opportunity that will allow you to make up some of the difference in your finances. Just some

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What is the Pink drink the pro’s are drinking? The question answered….

I see this question often on forums and sports related social media accounts….the answer is simple but is different dependent on which sports you are watching the pro’s in. If you see them drinking a Pink Drink in strongman/bodybuilding or Premiership

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Arkworld Busine…

Arkworld Business Opportunity via Lifestyle Focus “Your success is only limited by your imagination and hard work. So dream big and make things happen!” Kevin Daines 2012 Lifestyle Focus prides itself on the innovation of distributors worldwide. Don’t miss out

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Arkworld Distribution Network

If you’re interested in boosting your income, get in touch! Click the link below and leave your details for info!

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MLM Distributors required in Australia!!! ASAP!!!

        Hey everyone Another fantastic development to tell you all about! Australia opens officially in the summer of 2013, so now all you lovely Australians can buy Arkworld direct from distributors in your own country instead of

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